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  • 25 October 2007

    In Hibernation (Once again)

    I have periods where updating this blog comes down the list of things to do, and unfortunately I can't see it improving anytime in the near future. So back into slumber this blog goes for the time being - no doubt I'll be back one day.


    18 October 2007

    Vintage Humour

    Thought I'd share in some respects a humourous thread titled "Calling All People Who Like a Bottle of Wine":

    I've been informed to avoid 2007 vintage new world wines. Apparently the grapes have been particularly sour this year.

    Bitter thread imo

    I suggest the HABANA Merlot from south africa, olde world charm with a smooth finish!!!!!

    Anything ANZAC is looking a bit dodgy - lacking strength and clarity, with very little intensity. Some may say the vintage got picked to early, but at least it travels well, all 12,000 miles.

    A couple of classic aussie whines for you. Pom victorie vintage 2003 (esp) and 2007. Not enjoyed by aussies due to the bitter and lingering after taste. Available from thrashers. Also available on dvd and on w w w . putacorkinitcampo . com

    Lovers of older vintages may wish to try some Pinot All Noir. Despite repeated optimistic forecasts, the 1987 vintage is yet to be equalled. David Kirk "Cuvée L'Amateur" is the one to get

    Despite a climate that is not conducive for growing talent, nor is reknown for its flair & versatility, The English 1991, & 2003 cava vintages are robust & full of fight, & whilst they do not appeal to the vast majority, they tend get the job done, with the 2003 vintage showing a cheeky little kick at the death. The 2007 scrumpy vintage, after a truly awful four years of failed apple harvest, is showing signs of a late surge, with the unexpected indian summer pulling a crop which was wet, withered, & ready for pig food, into a (very) potent little number.

    I tried a South African sauvignon blanc with a 36.0% alcohol content recently - tres tasty. Off market now, but I do believe another with perhaps a reduced % will be available Sunday.


    16 October 2007

    Weekend Wrap

    I'm trying to forget the weekend as quickly as possible. The pack of Pensioners won another game at RWC, the Kiwi Rugby League team redefined the term "sporting embarrassment" and (now that I live away from the big smoke), Auckland voters showed they have as much political intelligence as American ones by electing John Banks as Mayor.

    But wait. All that pales into insignificance because ...

    Marina Erakovic, the darling of NZ Tennis, won ANOTHER $25,000 challenger event, this time in Rockhampton (somewhere in Australia apparently). That sure makes up for the disappointments of the last couple of weeks, doesn't it Kiwi sports fans.

    I see the rest of the world is still picking over the carcass of the All Black's quarter-final loss; this morning I have to read former Welsh winger Jonathan Davies accusing the NZ team and management of arrogance. Hmmmm - someone remind me exactly when was the last time the boyos from the valleys actually won a game against us? Even if the All Blacks had displayed signs of arrogance, which I don't think they had, winning 42 out of 47 games gave them the right - up until last Sunday - to walk around with a little bit of a strut in their step.

    So excuse my mirth when the very next article I read, about the search for the next Welsh coach, contains this classic piece of ... ummm, arrogance?

    (CEO of Wales RU) Lewis said he had been encouraged at the reaction to the panel's search.

    "What has been hugely encouraging is that everyone we have made contact with has been prepared to speak to us and hear what we have to say. That proves the role of coaching Wales remains one of the plum jobs in the world game."

    You gotta be fuckin kiddin me. The Welsh coaching job is a poisoned chalice, and the only reason coaches are even talking to you is the fat chequebook in your pocket. So to have Mr Davies accuse the All Blacks of "arrogance" while his own CEO is describing the Welsh coaching position as a "plum job in the world game" is laughable and pathetic in equal doses.

    God I hope Wales get drawn in our pool in 2011. Along with Fiji.


    12 October 2007

    The Semis

    To tell you the truth, I haven't thought too much about this weekend's games. My attention has been diverted to three cricket series going on (and the joys of been able to finally watch it over the internet on a decent computer). So my thoughts, for what they are worth:

    I think we've seen enough surprises in this World Cup. I'm expecting a France South Africa final next weekend, although you can't completely write off the other two semi-finalists. It is doubtful whether France can play as well again as they did in Cardiff, although predicting how well the French are going to play is never easy. But having got past the insurmountable obstacle last weekend, I can't see them letting themselves slip up against a team they (should) beat 4 times out of 5.

    South Africa have never lost to Argentina. That will still be the case on Monday.

    As far as betting goes, I don't like the prices, I don't like the handicaps, so it's a sit and watch weekend for me.

    Have a good weekend.